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I keep getting "Server could not confirm" error message on login

We're sorry about this one; this is our poor error strings in action... This simply means that the request made it to the server, but the server is overloaded and could not reply.

Please try again in a few minutes - As time goes on this error will occur less and less.

I tried to sign up, but it says my key is already in use

This message commonly occurs if you've previously registered with Castle Story between the end of the Kickstarter and the release of the Prototype. Don't worry! Log into Humble Bundle or Create an Account using the email address that you purchased with.

This message just means that you registered before the Humble Links came out; and your account has already been moved over to Humble.

The Humble Store has no download for me!

This may be caused if you have only purchased the beta. At this moment, Beta backers are able to give out your gift accounts and register but will be unable to access the game until beta has been released.

You can confirm what version you have purchased by going to and inputting the email address that you purchased with. Please note that only the Prototype has been released; and players with only Beta access will need to wait until the Beta has been released to experience Castle Story.

I forgot my username!

Just go to and type in your email to get your username

Put your email in for an answer

I forgot my password and now I can't login

Please use the password reset tool to reset your password.

I paid for Prototype but I have no download

We've added a system for checking what user type you actually have... If you've registered for the game go to and put in your email to get the results back

Put your email in for an answer

Where are my gift links!?

Gift links are currently being managed by your Humble Bundle account. You can use the Humble Store Key Resender to see what keys are available for gifting on your account. Input the email address that you purchased with for the keys to be sent.

If your key was sent via a gift key, you will need to create your Castle Story account from a link within the library page. It is through this registration process that you will choose the Credit Island Display Name; as well as the in game username you will use.

I can't figure out where to register!

The registration page link is on the Humble Bundle website. Please follow this link to create a brand new account. Please use the email address that you purchased with to create your Humble account. Once you've created an account, you can claim Castle Story as a game, and will be able to see Castle Story under Humble Library. If you're not sure where you're supposed to be, you should see a page like this.

The FAQ didn't answer my question!

Please follow the checklist below:

  1. Have checked every part of the FAQ?
  2. Try asking your question on IRC: For those of you with IRC Clients, the information to connect is as follows: / #castlestoryonline / port 6667
  3. If none of the above has helped, please send us an email at [email protected]
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